Who is Using Ajax?

Ajax has just recently taken off in the second half of 2005 from a mindshare standpoint. Many developers are just now looking to what Ajax can do for their applications and ultimately heir customers. So, just who is using Ajax publicly?

Google Suggest—Google Suggest features a dynamic drop-down list box that provides possible items to search on along with the approximate number of search results.

Google Maps—The ability to grab a map and zoom around without requiring a postback is just amazing. This app/service took the development world by storm when it came out.

Google GMail—Google GMail is a web-based email system available through Google.

Microsoft Hotmail Kahuna update—At the time of this writing, the Hotmail upgrade that is referred to as Kahuna is in beta test. As a beta user of the application, I can testify to the improved user interface and responsiveness that this application provides.

Live.com—The local.live.com service from Microsoft is actively using the Atlas framework, as is nearly the entire Live.com service.

Easy Search component—The ASP.NET Easy Search Component provides support for searching a single web site similar to the Google Suggest service available through Google.

Other component vendors—Component vendors such as ComponentArt, Dart, and others are providing controls that provide a rich user experience without forcing a full postback. In addition to third-party interest, the amount of developer interest is tremendous. For example, one only has to put the word Ajax into a blog title to receive an increase in the number of web views. Given the amount of third-party support and the interest of developers, it is only a matter of time before everyone is using it.


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