Using Upgrade Advisor in SQL Server 2008

The Upgrade Advisor (UA) tool is available on the SQL Server 2008 installation disks, in the Servers\Redist\Upgrade Advisor folder. It will also be available as a free download from

Here, we’ll walk through an example of running UA against a SQL Server 2005 instance.

1. Launch UA. You will be presented with the welcome screen.

2. Click the Launch Upgrade Advisor Analysis Wizard link. You will see the familiar welcome screen, and then the SQL Server Components page.

3. Type the name of a server and click Detect. The wizard will determine the components that are installed on that instance. In this example, we are checking a SQL Server 2005 instance. We enter the server name, DBSERVER. Since all we are interested in testing is the SQL Server database engine, we check SQL Server and click Next to continue.

4. Next, you see the Connection Parameters page. Specify the instance name (PROD in this example) and the credentials used to connect to this server instance (Windows Authentication in this example). Click Next to continue.

5. The next wizard page is where you select which databases to analyze, provide a separate trace file, and pass a path to SQL batch files. UA can analyze all of these items. Click Next to continue.

6. The next page shows a summary of the options you selected. Click Next, and UA goes to work, churning through all the stored procedures, metadata, and objects within the databases you selected.

7. When the analysis is complete, UA will display the results. In our simple example, when the SQL Server 2005 instance was scanned, the wizard presented the warning.

8. Click Launch Report. You will see a list of issues that UA found. Each item has an Issue Resolved check box. Checking this box will remove the item from the list. This way, it’s really easy to keep track of which issues are already resolved and which ones remain to be addressed.

UA creates a directory under the My Documents folder to store its reporting information. UA allows you to analyze multiple servers. For each server analyzed, a subfolder is created. To view reports, click the Launch Upgrade Advisor Report Viewer link from the main UA screen Each time you run UA against the same server, it overwrites the information saved from a prior run of UA.

Source of Information : Apress Accelerated SQL Server 2008


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