Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

WPF is intended to be the next - generation graphics API for Windows applications on the desktop. Applications written in WPF are visually of a higher quality than Windows Forms applications. Some of the relevant highlights of WPF for the SmartCA application are:

• Resolution independence — Because of WPF ’ s use of vector graphics, unlike most Windows - based applications of today, graphics and text that are viewed in a higher resolution do not get smaller; they actually get better! This means that a user can literally shrink or enlarge elements on the screen independently of the screen ’ s resolution.

• Declarative programming — Windows Forms do not have built - in support for declarative UI definitions. The .NET Framework as a whole has allowed developers to use declarative custom attributes classes, methods, and assemblies, as well as XML - based resource and configuration files. WPF takes this declarative - based model to a new level with Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML). Using XAML in WPF is very similar to using HTML to define a UI for a web page, yet it is much better than that analogy. Not only does XAML give a great range of expressiveness for the look and feel of a UI, but it also allows for parts of the behavior of the UI to be declarative.

• Rich composition and customization — It is very easy to customize controls in WPF with little or no code. Almost any type of control can be composed with another control. There literally are no boundaries here; for example, you could bind a media clip to a text box if you wanted to, or make it spin around, and so on. It is also very easy to “ skin ” applications with very different looks, without requiring any code. These advantages help satisfy the Rich Client Application Functionality requirement.

• Easy deployment — Using the .NET Framework ’ s ClickOnce technology will provide a way to install and run SmartCA on the client machines simply by clicking on a URL. ClickOnce ensures that installation will not affect other applications because all files required for the application are placed in an isolated area and it also prevents any custom registration.

Source of Information : Wrox dot NET Domain Driven Design


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