Benefits of the .NET Micro Framework

For embedded development, the advantages of the .NET Micro Framework can be summarized as follows:
• Lower development costs than other traditional embedded platforms
• Faster time-to-market than other traditional embedded platforms
• Lower hardware costs than other managed platforms
• Smaller hardware size than other managed platforms
• Lower power consumption than other managed platforms
• Not bound to a specific chipset or board vendor
• Important part of Microsoft’s embedded strategy

The following features of the .NET Micro Framework allow you to reduce development costs and bring your products to market faster than competing traditional embedded platforms:
• Managed code and all its benefits
• Modern language with Visual C#
• Rich base class library (a subset of common .NET and extensions for embedded development)
• Ability to touch the hardware with managed drivers
• Integration with Visual Studio, a first-class and widespread development tool
• Large pool of existing .NET developers
• Ability to share code with existing .NET solutions
• Rapid prototyping and debugging using the extensible emulator
• Live debugging on devices

Source of Information : Apress Expert Dot NET Micro Framework 2nd Edition (09-2009)


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