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With a streamlined user interface and support for new content types and digital TV, Windows Media Center in Windows 7 makes viewing TV, movies, and other media content on your PC easier than ever. The new Electronic Program Guide (EPG) in Windows Media Center brings together both broadcast and Internet TV so you can find all your favorite programs in one place.

Internet TV
Windows 7 pulls the growing amount of media content on the Internet into the Windows Media Center experience. You can choose from a variety of online TV shows and movies, all organized and viewable with a consistent look and feel. With a broadband connection, Windows Media Center is populated automatically with Internet TV channels and content, which are conveniently organized in the familiar program guide for easy discovery.

Note: Internet access is required. Free Internet TV content varies by geography. Some content may require additional fees.

Digital TV
Turn your PC into a digital video recorder by adding a broadcast TV tuner, which you can find at many popular retail electronics stores. Windows 7 Media Center includes support for a wide range of TV standards to meet the needs of television viewers around the world. Digital TV in Windows 7 works in more than 20 global markets, with certified support for the United States ATSC and QAM cable standards, Japan’s ISDB standards (ISDB-T and ISDB-S), European DVB TV standards (DVB-T, DVB-S), and Pay TV standards.

Sharing TV around the Home
If you have multiple PCs running Windows Media Center in your homegroup, you can access recorded TV Libraries—in addition to your music, photos, and videos—on those different PCs. You can also copy a TV show to your laptop to enjoy on the go. Windows Media Center in Windows 7 makes sure that all unprotected Windows TV recordings can be discovered, played, and copied by any PC running Windows 7 in your homegroup.

Enhanced UI
Through its enhanced user interface (UI), Windows 7 Media Center makes TV as personal as your PC. It’s easy to set up, and fast to fi nd the media you want. For example, with the new Turbo Scroll feature, you can quickly move through a large Library or TV guide by pressing and holding the right arrow button. When viewing a recorded TV show, you can quickly jump to a specific spot in a show by clicking the Seek bar. Watching a live show and want to see what else is playing? A mini guide can be viewed on top of your show. And because Windows Media Center is touch-enabled, with a touch-enabled monitor you can use your finger to navigate the start menu, program guide, and photo galleries—or even slide your finger across the program guide screen to turboscroll through listings.

Note: Some product features of Windows 7, such as the ability to watch and record live TV, may require advanced or additional hardware.

Source of Information : Windows 7 Product Guide


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