Dotfuscator Changes

Dotfuscator is a post-build .NET hardening and instrumentation platform for protecting, measuring and managing .NET applications. Traditionally a reduced functionality version of Dotfuscator has been bundled with previous releases of Visual Studio and VS2010 is no exception. However, the new version of Dotfuscator Software Services CE contains Runtime Intelligence functionality and some great added features including:

• Tamper defense (detect modification of application)

• Application expiration (such as expire an application after 30 day trial period)

• Session and feature usage tracking (allows you to track what the user was actually doing within your application)

• Ability to send tamper and tracking usage to an end point of your choice for later analysis

To access Dotfuscator functionality within Visual Studio on the main menu, go to Tools and select Dotfuscator Software Services. For more information on Dotfuscator please refer to and for more information on Runtime Intelligence see:

Source of Information : Apress Introducing dot NET 4.0 with Visual Studio 2010


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