Connectix Corp. was a company that made virtualization software for Windows and Macintosh-based computers. In 2003 Microsoft acquired their virtualization technology and now uses it in their own virtualization products.

Connectix’s technology allowed customers to migrate to next-generation technology from Microsoft, while still being able to use legacy applications. Virtual PC for Mac provided integration of Windows on the Macintosh platform, enabling Mac OS customers to run Windows-based applications, access PC networks, use Windows-only Internet applications, and share files with PC-based colleagues. Virtual PC for Mac joined the Macintosh Business Unit’s mix of Mac products, such as Office v.X, Entourage X, and Internet Explorer for Mac.

Virtual PC for Windows provided Windows desktop customers with an additional tool for migrating to Windows XP or Windows 2000 Professional, supported legacy applications, and enabled a range of other uses for application development, call centers, technical support, education, and training.

Virtual Server addressed customer demand for an application migration solution based on virtualization and supported by Microsoft. In addition, it provided cost efficiencies by consolidating multiple Windows NT 4.0 servers and their applications into a single Windows Server system.

Though Connectix is now defunct, Microsoft continues to develop virtual machine solutions based on the Connectix technologies.

Source of Information : Microsoft Virtualization with Hyper V


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