Bluetooth protocol stack ➤ RFCOMM

Radio -Frequency Communications (RFCOMM) is a cable replacement protocol that can be used to connect two Bluetooth devices using a virtual serial line interface. It emulates the 9-pin circuit of an RS-232 interface. Multiple emulated serial connections (up to 60) can be multiplexed into the same Bluetooth connection, while the actual number of connections supported is implementation-specifi c. A complete communication path involves two applications running on two devices with a communication segment between them. The applications utilizing RFCOMM treat the connection as a regular serial line connection via one of its serial ports.

In Bluetooth, a profile is a set of interrelated protocols and pertinent parameters that are chosen for a specific user case. The profile that accounts for virtual serial line communication is the serial port profile, which includes RFCOMM, service discovery protocol (SDP), LMP, and L2CAP in addition to base band and radio. The serial port profile essentially defines a PTP wireless link between two Bluetooth devices that can be used by the general network layer. The two Bluetooth devices are called endpoints , each identified by a unique address. SDP is the protocol used to obtain the address of the other endpoint.

Source of Information : Elsevier Wireless Networking Complete 2010


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