Microsoft SQL Server 2008

The previous release of SQL Server, SQL Server 2005, was a major release. It contained a ton of new functionality, including the revision of major query-processing components within the database engine. With SQL Server 2008, the development cycle was much shorter, and the changes are not quite as dramatic. Even though the overall quantity of changes is less than those in SQL Server 2005, the improvements that were made in this new release are specific and significant, and they will absolutely be of value to your organization.

In recent years, one of the trends has been the explosion of data. This massive increase in the quantity of data can be attributed to changes in behavior by consumers and businesses. For consumers, we need to look no further than digital cameras for a great example. With digital cameras, it is now possible to take a thousand different perspectives of your favorite landmark without worrying about film or development costs. All of these digital photos take up cheap disk space and need to be managed for easy searching. As another example, consider the amount of data generated by the medical industry in its daily operations. X-rays are being created and stored in a digital format for easier portability and quicker viewing time.

The increase of data in recent years comes with a price, and it’s not the cost of hardware, as some may think. Although the hardware industry has done a great job of providing low-dollar-per-gigabyte ratios year after year, the increase in digitally born data has sweetened the deal for potential data thieves. This increased security risk, combined with the influx of regulatory compliance laws, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, has influenced the security features within SQL Server. Security design has been at the core of every feature implementation in SQL Server, and the SQL Server 2008 release
is no different. Most of the security-specific improvements, such as auditing and transparent data encryption.

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