Introduction to Workflow
As developers, our job is to solve real business problems. The type and complexity of the problems will vary broadly depending on the nature of the business. But regardless of the complexity of any given problem, we tend to solve problems in the same way: we break the problem down into manageable parts. Those parts are further divided into smaller tasks, and so on.

Why Choose Windows Workflow Foundation
Microsoft has provided this foundation in order to simplify and enhance your .NET development. It is not a stand-alone application. It is a software foundation that is designed to enable workflows within your applications.

Architecture of Windows Workflow Foundation
WF itself is a programming model, along with an engine and a set of tools for building workflowenabled applications. The programming model is made up of exposed APIs that other programming languages can use to interact with the workflow engine. These APIs are encapsulated within a namespace called System.Workflow. That namespace will be part of the WinFX programming model, but can also be installed as an add-on to the existing .NET Framework 2.0.


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