MySQL Security Terminology

Who are you? MySQL authenticates you with a username, a password, and the host from which you are connecting. Knowing who you are is a prerequisite to determining your privileges.

What are you allowed to do? Shutting down the server, for example, requires that you have the SHUTDOWN privilege. In MySQL, authorization applies to globalprivileges, which aren’t associated with any specific schema objects (such as tables or databases).

Access control
What data are you allowed to see and/or manipulate? When you try to read or modify data, MySQL checks to see that you’ve been granted permission to see or change the columns you are selecting. Unlike global privileges, access controls apply to specific data, such as a particular database, table, or column.

Privileges and permissions
These terms mean roughly the same thing—a privilege or permission is how MySQL represents an authorization or access right.

Source of Information : OReIlly High Performance MySQL Second Edition


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