SQL Server 2008 tools

SQL Server includes a rich array of graphical user interface (GUI) and command-line tools. Here are the major ones discussed in this book:

• SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) —The main GUI-based management tool used for conducting a broad range of tasks, such as executing T-SQL scripts, backing up and restoring databases, and checking logs. We’ll use this tool extensively throughout the book.

• SQL Server Configuration Manager —Enables the configuration of network protocols, service accounts and startup status, and various other SQL Server components, including FileStream.

• SQL Server Profiler —Used for a variety of performance and troubleshooting tasks, such as detecting blocked/deadlocked processes and generating scripts for creating a server-side SQL trace.

• Database Engine Tuning Advisor — This tool can be used to analyze a captured workload file and recommend various tuning changes such as the addition of one or more indexes.

One very important tool we haven’t mentioned yet is SQL Server Books Online (BOL),. BOL is the definitive reference for all aspects of SQL Server and includes detailed coverage of all SQL Server features, a full command syntax, tutorials, and a host of other essential resources. Regardless of skill level, BOL is an essential companion for all SQL Server professionals and is referenced many times throughout this book.

With features spanning traditional online transaction processing (OLTP), online analytical processing (OLAP), data mining, and reporting, there are a wide variety of IT professionals who specialize in SQL Server.

Source of Information : Manning SQL Server 2008 Administration in Action


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