C++ Using the Language - How do you debug?

How do you debug? Do you have any suggestion for C++ developers?

Bjarne: By introspection. I study the program for so long and poke at it more or less systematically or so long that I have sufficient understanding to provide an educated guess where the bug is.

Testing is something else, and so is design to minimize errors. I intensely dislike debugging and will go a long way to avoid it. If I am the designer of a piece of software, I build it around interfaces and invariants so that it is hard to get seriously bad code to compile and run incorrectly. Then, I try hard to make it testable. Testing is the systematic search for errors. It is hard to systematically test badly structured systems, so I again recommend a clean structure of the code. Testing can be automated and is repeatable in a way that debugging is not. Having flocks of pigeons randomly peck at the screen to see if they can break a GUI-based application is no way to ensure quality systems.

Advice? It is hard to give general advice because the best techniques often depend on what is feasible for a given system in a given development environment. However: identify key interfaces that can be systematically tested and write test scripts that exercise those. Automate as much as you can and run those automated tests often. And do keep regression tests and run them frequently. Make sure that every entry point into the system and every output can be systematically tested. Compose your system out of quality components: monolithic programs are unnecessarily hard to understand and test.

Source of Information : Oreilly - Masterminds of Programming


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