How to Communicate on Facebook

You can’t have a social networking site without avenues to communicate, and Facebook has plenty. You’ve already learned how to express yourself on your profile page by writing on your Wall. This particular form of communication is generated by you for the purpose of letting people know what you’re up to. When they pop by your profile page, they see your activities and any status updates you post to the Wall. You’ve also learned how to add a status update directly from the Home page so it appears out in the news feed for others to see on their Home pages, too.

Wall communication goes both ways—friends can write on your Wall, and you can also write on your friends’ Walls to communicate with them. You might write a new posting, or comment on existing postings on a friend’s Wall. Anyone else who views the friend’s page can also see your postings and comments.

If you join a group, you can communicate through postings on the group Wall, “Joining Groups.” Like any other Wall communication, when you share postings in a group, everyone in the group can see them.

Communicating with Wall postings can be a bit limiting at times. If you’re looking to share a longer chunk of text than will fit in a status update, for example, you can use Facebook’s Notes application. Notes are perfect for sharing larger amounts of text, and you can use the feature to communicate by blogging. With the Notes application, you can even include some basic HTML coding to enhance the note text.

If you’re looking for more direct, less public ways to communicate, you can use the Facebook Inbox to send and receive messages. Just like any email client you use, the Inbox has options for reading messages, creating and sending messages, and organizing received messages. If you’re looking for more immediate communication, try Facebook’s live chat feature. You can talk with your friends (via your keyboard) who are logged on at the same time as you.

Finally, you can also communicate through sending Facebook actions and gifts. Sounds, weird, right? Don’t knock it until you try it!

Source of Information : Sams Teach Yourself Facebook in 10 Minutes


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