Top Features for IT Professionals

From networking to security and search to user management, Windows 7 offers IT professionals a wide range of new and improved features. These include the following:

Control which applications are allowed to run on user PCs.

Improve application responsiveness and end user productivity at branch offices while reducing the load on your Wide Area Network (WAN).

Enable workers to more securely connect to corporate networks over any Internet connection—without requiring the extra step of initiating a VPN connection.

Federated Search and EnterpriseSearch Scopes
Enable search engines, document repositories, Web applications, and proprietary data stores to be searched from Windows 7, without writing and deploying client code.

Problem Steps Recorder
Help your workers troubleshoot application failures by giving them the ability to reproduce and record their experiences and then send that information to support staff.

VHD Boot
Ease the transition between virtual and physical environments by reusing the same master image within a VDI infrastructure and on physical PCs.

Windows PowerShell 2.0™
Automate repetitive tasks with this graphical scripting editor that helps you write scripts that access underlying technologies.

Source of Information : Windows 7 Product Guide


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