Windows 7 Handwriting and Ink

With the proliferation of Tablet PCs in the market, Tablet features are becoming part of mainstream computing. In Windows 7, touch and writing are first-class user experiences. Windows 7 improves the pen experience by providing greater accuracy and speed. Handwriting input is improved and more languages are supported. The Text Input Panel offers predictive text for greater speed of input and correction. Handwriting accuracy is improved through personalization in all languages, custom dictionaries, and breakthroughs in East Asian language recognition. The improved interaction model delivers a better reading experience on the small, high-resolution screens common in portable computers.

Math Recognition
The new Math Recognition feature enables users to enter math into applications by means of handwriting—the most natural and efficient way of entering mathematical expressions. The functionality is provided by two UI components. Math Input Panel is a stand-alone Windows accessory that works with any math-aware application. Math Input Control is integrated into applications through its API. Underlying the UI components is the Math Recognizer. This engine recognizes handwritten mathematical expression and translates the result into MathML format for applications to use. The correction experience has been improved to help users make corrections faster.

Pen Input Diagramming
The updated Ink Analysis APIs significantly speed up the development of inkenabled applications. New recognition capabilities make it easier to integrate basic shape recognition features and enable ink applications that were not possible before Windows 7. The new shape-recognition engine enables applications to accurately interpret a much larger set of ink constructs than in previous versions. The shapes supported by the Ink Analysis APIs represent building blocks for more complex structures, such as flow charts, block diagrams, and organization charts. There is also more support for client applications to provide contextual information to assist with recognition.

Handwriting with Personalized Custom Dictionary
For many scenarios, good handwriting accuracy requires a dictionary tailored to the domain of use. Windows 7 introduces custom dictionaries, which enable better handwriting recognition for specialized vocabularies. Developers who are writing vertical applications — for example, a medical prescription notepad —can now add specific terms to their application, such as drug names.

Source of Information : Windows 7 Developer Guide


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