MySQL Product Family

In addition to the core MySQL database server, Oracle makes available a number of MySQL-related products and tools. This section introduces you to some of the other members of the MySQL product family.

MySQL Server
This core product consists of a high-performance database server, which is the main software engine responsible for creating and managing databases, executing queries and returning query results, and maintaining security. This core product also includes a number of client-side tools, such as a command-line SQL client; tools to manage user permissions; and utilities to import, export, copy, and repair databases.

MySQL Cluster
MySQL Cluster is a version of the MySQL database server that supports “clustering,” a technology that allows data to be transparently distributed across two or more physical servers to increase redundancy. This clustering technology plays an important role in high-availability applications, as it ensures continuous data availability even if one of the nodes in the cluster fails. At the time of this writing, MySQL Cluster supports up to 255 nodes in a single cluster and uses synchronous replication to copy data between nodes.

MySQL Proxy
MySQL Proxy is a proxy server that serves as a “gatekeeper” between the MySQL database server and connecting clients. It includes the ability to intercept and rewrite queries, modify result sets, implement query queues, analyze query traffic for reporting purposes, and perform load balancing tasks.

MySQL Administrator
MySQL Administrator is an all-in-one control center for a MySQL database server, allowing database administrators to track server status in real time. It includes visual tools for user administration, database backup and restore, and log analysis, as well as server fine-tuning.

MySQL Query Browser
MySQL Query Browser is a visual tool for graphically constructing queries and viewing the results. It includes tools to manage database connections, databases, and tables, as well as a debugger (with breakpoint support) to assist in optimizing and troubleshooting complex queries.

MySQL Workbench
MySQL Workbench is a visual design tool that enables database administrators and developers to graphically design and validate data models, generate database schema code, and manage changes to database schemas. It also includes the ability to visually compare and synchronize two versions of a database and create import/export scripts to transfer data from one system to another.

MySQL Migration Toolkit
The MySQL Migration Toolkit is a graphical, wizard-driven tool to port databases from other RDBMS products to MySQL. It includes support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL
Server, and Microsoft Access, and provides automated tools to remap and rebuild table schemas; copy records; and transfer indexes, views, triggers, and stored procedures.

MySQL Embedded Server
MySQL Embedded Server is a low-footprint version of the MySQL database server that is intended specifically for use in embedded applications, such as networking equipment, diagnostic tools, or point-of-sale (POS) systems. This embedded database also includes a number of useful administrative features: automatic space expansion, auto-restart, and dynamic reconfiguration.

MySQL Drivers and Connectors
MySQL provides drivers and connectors for many different programming languages, thereby making it possible to build database-driven applications using any one of several different development toolkits. Currently, MySQL provides drivers and connectors for C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, JDBC, ODBC, and .NET applications.

Are there Different Versions of the MySQL Database Server?
MySQL’s core database server comes in two flavors: Community and Enterprise. The Community server is “free”: Users can download and use it at no cost under the terms of the GNU GPL, but by the same token, are required to perform all maintenance and administrative tasks themselves, with no support from the MySQL development team. For companies and individuals looking for a greater level of support, the Enterprise server is a commercial offering that provides regular updates and bug fixes, consultancy services and advice from MySQL engineers, and proprietary database-monitoring software in return for a subscription fee.

Source of Information : MCGraw Hill - SQL the Complete Reference 3rd Edition


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