MYSQL - Selecting a Storage Engine

Following the field definitions and modifiers come one or more table modifiers, which specify table-level attributes. Of these, the most frequently used one is the ENGINE modifier, which tells MySQL which storage engine, or table type, to use. A number of such engines are available, each with different advantages.

MySQL Storage Engines
ISAM : Legacy engine
MYISAM : Revision of ISAM engine with support for dynamic-length fields
INNODB : ACID-compliant transactional engine with support for foreign keys
MEMORY : Memory-based engine with support for hash indexes
CSV : Text-based engine for CSV recordsets
ARCHIVE : Engine with compression features for large recordsets
FEDERATED : Engine for remote tables
NDB : Engine for clustered tables
MERGE : Engine for merged tables
BLACKHOLE : Bitbucket engine

Source of Information : MCGraw Hill - SQL the Complete Reference 3rd Edition


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