Why Magento?

In addition to a solid architecture and framework, there are several unique reasons why Magento makes a great choice for an eCommerce solution.

• One of the most amazing features about Magento is that you can design and develop multiple web sites and they store and share one administrative interface. This extremely flexible feature allows you to modify and control multiple web sites. All of your products inventory and pricing can be controlled from one central location. There is no longer a need to login to multiple locations to handle multiple web sites. Magento has the ability to control them all.

• Magento supports over sixty languages, multiple currencies, and tax rates. This gives you the ability to easily expand in the global market.

• Layered navigation gives users customized browsing options when viewing products by categories. You can now sort products by price, size, color, and other customizable attributes.

• Magento also has built-in web services. This flexibility allows external applications to access magento’s data without changing the underlying core code. Currently, SOAP and XML-RPC protocols are available out of the box.

• Magento has Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built in from the start. It has the ability to handle friendly URL rewrites which make it easy for search engines to index your store and products.

• Not only does Magento offer real-time carrier rates and quotes, users can ship products from one order to multiple shipping address. This makes gift shopping especially easy.

• Magento also has several reporting features built in. These allows for easy view of ales reports, best-selling products, and customer reporting. They can even be exported in a CSV format to integrate with excel and other database programs.

• Magento has designed its file structure to three major sections: core, functionality, and design. This allows for easy updating of images and CSS styling without affecting the functionality of the site. Store functionality can also be easily customized without affecting the Magento’s core. As a result, you can modify Magento without having to worry about upgrading to newer versions in the future.

• Magento has a huge community backing. In addition to a public forum and bug tracking, Magento also has its own public repository of extensions called Magento Connect. These extensions can be found at http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect. Magento Connect features both free and commercial extensions to enhance the functionality of your web site.

• Since Magento is released under the Open Software License (OSL), the Magento Community Edition is available at no cost. In turn, this allows web site developers and eCommerce web site owners to cut down on software costs.

Source of Information : Addison Wesley - Cocoa Programming Developers Handbook (December 2009)


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