One of the interesting features about Magento is that customers have the ability to ship orders with multiple products to multiple addresses. While this may sound confusing, Magento does a great job of simplifying the process. After selecting destinations for each of the products in their orders, products are reorganized by destination. Customers can even select different shipping methods to different destinations. Orders are then processed and given unique order numbers based upon their destination.

Shipping to multiple addresses is not available to guests, so unlike the main checkout process, customers must register before they can begin the checkout process. If shipping to multiple addresses is not a feature you want to use in your store, administrators can also disable shipping to multiple addresses from inside the administration interface.

Step 1: Select Addresses
After reviewing their carts, customers can choose to ship their products to multiple addresses. Although not a one page checkout, the Shipping to Multiple Addresses option allows customers the ability to ship specific products and product quantities to different shipping addresses. Customers can add additional addresses by clicking the Enter a New Address button.

Step 2: Shipping Information
Once customers have selected addresses for each of their products and quantities, they will move to the shipping information page. Magento will separate and reorganize the order based upon the shipping addresses selected in step 1. Customers can select different shipping methods for each address. This is a great option for customers purchasing gifts or for wholesalers looking to ship similar products to multiple addresses.

Step 3: Billing Information
In step 3, customers must enter in their billing information and select a payment method for the orders. It is important to note that while customers can ship products to multiple addresses there can only be one billing address and payment method.

Step 4: Place Order
Once customers have entered the information, they are presented with a Review Order page. This page displays the billing information, payment method, shipping information, and totals for each of the orders that are about to be placed. For easy management, Magento separates each unique shipping address into a new order. The customer will only be charged one time, but separating each order by shipping address allows for easy updating and product tracking.

Step 5: Order Success
This case simply thanks a customer for placing their order and provides them with a list of order numbers that were placed. Both the customer and store administrators should receive an e-mail containing order confirmation.


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