VMware Infrastructure 3

VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3) is a solution aimed at enterprises that are looking to consolidate full-scale production systems. It is the most scalable of the VMware platforms with new management, load-balancing, and high-availability features.

As VI3 is based on ESX Server, it is not dependent on a host operating system, and it can be used to host virtual machines running Windows, Linux, or other common operating systems.

Since VI3 is so scalable, it can run up to 128 concurrent virtual machines on multiple ESX servers, all managed from a central console. Those servers can all be configured to share a common file system—the VMware Virtual Machine Fine System (VMFS)—hosted on local disks, Network Attached Storage (NAS), or Storage Area Network (SAN) storage.

VMFS makes provisioning and management of virtual machines much simpler. It makes it possible to dynamically allocate resources and profess loads across both virtual machines and physical servers. In fact, you can move an entire virtual machine from one server to another, even while users and applications are actively using it. Additionally, once the virtual machines are installed, they can be managed remotely. VI3 employs the VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), which automatically tunes processor, memory, and other resources.

VMware High Availability (HA) adds automatic failover if there is a hardware or software problem, and VMotion makes it possible to migrate live virtual machines from one server to another. This aids in maintenance and load balancing.

Source of Information : Microsoft Virtualization with Hyper V


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