iPad Goes to the Movies

Netflix (for iPad)

Netflix may just be a killer app for the iPad. The streaming, all-you-can-eat movie service shows one great reason why you would want a bigscreen iPad rather than a smaller, handheld iPod: to soak up hours of video while you’re propped up in bed or on your couch. Netflix for iPad’s interface feels like a spinoff of the Netflix Web site instead of a true iPad app. You can tap Watch Instantly, Browse DVDs, and Your Queue tabs to browse and select movies to watch. Above the movie is a navigation bar that lets you skip to any point in the film. The iPad status bar that displays Wi-Fi signal, time, and battery life does not go away while you are viewing a video. That hurts, because it ruins the theatrical effect of watching a movie. Hopefully an option to hide the status bar will be added in future releases. A control panel appears when you tap the screen while watching a video. The panel has four icons, which let you play/pause, go 30 seconds back, skip to the end, and minimize the movie. The minimize button is buggy; it leaves the video’s sound playing in the background with no apparent way to get back to what you’re viewing. But the videos we tested look good and play easily—especially over a fast connection. So while there might be a few issues and it doesn’t take full advantage of the touch interface, it’s a fairly smooth experience, especially for a first version.

Source of Information : PC Magazine July 2010


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