The cyber security threat areas again:
• Cyber warfare
• Cyber terrorism
• Cyber attacks (organised crime)

Cyber warfare
Cyber warfare can be defined as part of four other defence components – one being air, sea, land and space. It is in these areas that cyber warfare has emerged as the fifth domain of warfare. Cyber warfare involves one nation-state attacking another by using digital attack code to bring about a nation-state infrastructure collapse. The collapse will target the energy system i.e. gas, electricity and oil for example as well as the financial hubs. This can be achieved by using DDOS, Trojans, malware or the use of logic bombs and trap doors in source code for example.

Cyber terrorism
Cyber terrorism uses Internet based attacks which are related to terrorist activities – this might include DDOS attacks on government networks and or looking to steal individual personal information to commit fraud (this is used to raise funds for the terrorists to commit their terrorist acts).

Cyber attacks
Cyber attacks usually involve an organised criminal gang who target individual and networked computers to extract personal and business information to commit financial fraud.

Source of Information : Hakin9 November 2010


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