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The XtraCharts Suite makes 2D and 3D charting easier than ever. It includes multiple palettes to automatically color your series, so that appearances are never a concern. It can even show a preview of a chart before you've supplied any data for it. You can access any element's settings by simply clicking that element. And there are so many additional automatic adjustments, that it takes little effort to create a smart, professional looking chart.

With the XtraCharts Suite you can visualize data stored almost anywhere - from a database to a collection. You can even supply point data directly to a chart which is in unbound mode. And the XtraCharts Suite is extremely flexible, not only with the data it displays, but also in the ways you can output that data. Using the Swift Plot, you can easily create a lightweight chart for quick processing of very large amounts of data points. Our charting engine allows you to display charts not only on Windows Forms, but also on Web Sites, in reports created with the XtraReports Suite, or even print them directly.

The features and benefits that the XtraCharts Suite:


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