How Else Can a Daybook Help When Debugging?

As well as maintaining a record of your experiments, a daybook can also be useful for the following:

• Writing out hypotheses. Getting things onto paper can help identify flaws in assumptions, especially when the hypothesis is complex.

• Keeping track of details such as stack traces, argument values, and variable names. Not only does this help with finding things again, but it also helps you communicate with colleagues when explaining the problem, avoiding the need to rely upon memory.

• Keeping a list of ideas to try. Often you will notice something else you want to investigate, or a possible follow up experiment will occur to you, but you don’t want to abandon the current experiment to pursue it. A “to-do” list ensures that you don’t forget to come back to it later.

• Doodling when you need to take your mind off the problem.

Should I Leave My Logging in the Code?

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