AxCrypt 1.7.2126

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TrueCrypt is to AxCrypt as a forklift is to a pair of tweezers: TrueCrypt encrypts whole drives and partitions, while AxCrypt simply encrypts single files with 128-bit AES encryption. We know this seems like a simple job, and that there are lots of programs that can do it, so what’s so special about AxCrypt? The key is simplicity. AxCrypt installs in Windows quickly and easily, and there’s no AxCrypt GUI; it works completely from Explorer. Just right-click a file to encrypt it. AxCrypt can also make self-decrypting files if you need to pass files to people who don’t have AxCrypt. Otherwise, when you encounter an encrypted file, double-clicking it causes AxCrypt to automatically decrypt the file and open the program that can edit the file (such as Word for an encrypted DOCX file). When you save and close the file, AxCrypt automatically re-encrypts it.

Source of Information : CPU Computer Power User November 2010


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