Partition recovery just got easier with EASUS Software’s Partition Master 6.1.1. New to 6.1.1 is a recover partition function that ensures data security and salvages lost or damaged data because of partition failure. The recovery function operates in manual or automatic mode and can be customized quickly through a simple setup wizard. With the feature enabled, partitions can be undeleted, recovered, and repaired, and the root directory can be previewed to ensure recovery of the proper partition. Partition Master 6.1.1 also allows quick and easy partition duplication, movement, creation, and deletion. The EASUS Partition Master 6.1.1 comes in five setups: Home version for 32-bit home users, Professional for 64-bit machines, Server for Windows Server users, Unlimited for unlimited use within a company, and Technician for IT professionals. Pricing ranges from free for the Home version to US$ 199 for the Windows Server version. Currently, a Web special knocks US$ 40 off the Server edition price. Visit for details.

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