Utility platforms

Most (but not all) Western countries use some form of computer controlled system to manage their electricity grid, gas supply and water distribution. It’s highly likely in the future that a nation-state will exploit these command and control systems by using DDOS methods which would lead to serious power outages and could bring down the stock markets.

The US government is already aware that Russia and China has infiltrated the electrical grid and deployed logic bombs which will be used to sabotage or disrupt the grid. The US is one of a number of countries that actually has its’ electricity grid connected to the Internet, so it is conceivable that they could just disconnect it from the Internet in the event of an attack.

In July 2009, North Korea is claimed (by security experts) to have been behind a cyber attack that paralysed the websites of US and South Korean government agencies, banks and businesses. South Koreas National Intelligence Service (NIS) claimed at the time that the attack appeared to have been elaborately prepared and staged by a certain organisation or state. The NIS claimed that the cyber attacks were the work of North Korea. The cyber attack didn’t appear to sabotage South Korean or US networks but after investigation by South Korean and US authorities it became apparent that it was a DDOS attack.

South Korea has for some time warned of the dangers of cyber espionage by Chinese and North Korean hackers. The country’s Defence Security Command at the time logged 95,000 daily attempts to penetrate its military network. There is no evidence to suggest that the same level of daily cyber attacks was seen in July of this year (2010). AhnLabs the South Korean Internet Security vendor did tell me earlier this year that they were preparing for a cyber attack but I understand it never came.

Source of Information : Hakin9 November 2010


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