Road to 4G

IS -95, or cdmaOne, has been designated by Qualcomm as the second-generation digital CDMA cellular system standard. The next generation of cdmaOne is cdma2000, and others are in various stages of development, such as cdma2000 1x RTT, cdma2000 1x EV, cdma2000 1x DV, cdma2000 1x DO, and cdma2000 3x RTT. As mentioned before, the second-generation GSM systems are evolving to a different type of CDMA system: UMTS/WCDMA. It is quite clear that the concept and underlying technologies of CDMA finally dominate the air interface of the future cellular world, after a long round of debates and remarkable business practices.

On the road to 4G, TDMA systems such as GSM, PDC, and D-AMPS may take different paths involving GPRS, EDGE, or HSCSD as 2.5G solutions. Things are much clearer on the CDMA side: cdmaOne (IS-95A) will be first replaced by IS-95B as a 2.5G system, then by cdma2000 systems. The standardization body supporting UMTS/WCDMA is 3GPP, whereas the counterpart for cdma2000 is 3GPP2.

Source of Information :  Elsevier Wireless Networking Complete 2010


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