Google adds to email security toolbox

Two tweaks to email in Google's enterprise apps will bring enhanced security for companies. Google will introduce certificate-like technology to control spam and phishing attacks, while separately creating a walled garden within apps for schools and security-sensitive customers. The spam busting development includes Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM), which validates mail with digital signatures. As a result, companies should be able to ensure their sent emails are more likely to reach their intended recipients, and not be snagged by over-zealous spam filters, while incoming mail will be less likely to contain phishing attacks. "DKIM helps spam filters verify and assess the overall reputation of the sender's domain; messages from untrusted senders are treated more sceptically than those from good senders," said Google Enterprise product manager Adam Dawes. " We're also making it possible for all Google Apps customers to sign their outgoing messages with DKIM, so their sent mail is a lot less likely to get caught up in their recipients' spam filters." Email marketing specialist Return Path told us phishing targets such as eBay, which has been the victim of attacks trying to obtain customer passwords, were already using DKIM to authenticate mail. Google's move to include the tool in the Apps Dashboard makes the technology available to a wider audience. "Anything that helps authenticate where an email comes from is a good thing, and DKIM is about as good as there is at the moment," said channel relationships manager Richard Gibson.

Source of Information : PC Pro -April 2011


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