Windows Phone User Experience

The Windows Phone user experience is the canonical representation of the Metro design language. However, having a design language isn’t enough in itself to build a user experience. A user experience is governed by what you want to display and how users will interact with what is being displayed. For the Metro user experience, there were two guides that were used to direct the presentation of information: The user experience should focus on the individual and his or her tasks, and to help organize information and applications.

You have to ask the question,“ Who was Windows Phone built for? ” and, surprisingly, Microsoft has a remarkably well - defined answer. Windows Phone was designed for Life Maximizes and specifically Anna and Miles. Life Maximizes are defined as individuals who value the use of technology in their lives: They have both a busy personal life and professional life, yet they are more settled than seeking and interact with their respective families. To empathize with such individuals and to understand their needs and wants, the personas of Anna and Miles were created. They are a pair of married, 38 - year - old Life Maximizes who demands the most from their devices. As you investigate further, you learn that Anna is a part - time PR professional and a busy mother to whom balancing friends, work, and family is essential. Meanwhile, Miles is growing his architectural business and thus needs information available wherever he finds himself. Although these personas were created for the purpose of creating the Windows Phone experience, it is important for you to consider them when building your application.

Source of Information : Wiley-Professiona Windows Phone 7 Application Development 2010


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