Are you a Microsoft fan? Do you want to combine your passion for Microsoft products with computer-related skills in a fulfilling career? If so, you are in luck because there are many career avenues for Microsoft lovers. With the proper training and savvy networking, you can secure one of the many different jobs available for people who love Microsoft.

Education and Training

In pursuing a Microsoft-related career, it is important that you obtain an adequate level of education and training. The best way to accomplish is with a formal Microsoft training or certificate program. You can choose among many specialized programs for whatever type Microsoft job that you want to pursue. For more information on Microsoft-related education and training, check out some online Microsoft Certifications.

Microsoft Jobs

There are a wide range of jobs for people who love Microsoft. These include:

  • Artist/Graphic Designer Accounting for several factors, such as color, form, and light, artists and graphic designers concentrate on the visual and aesthetic aspects of Microsoft games, applications, and displays.
  • Software Development Engineers Software engineers create codes and computing languages that helping transform computing ideas into practical Microsoft features and applications. Collaborating with other Microsoft professionals such as test engineers and program managers, software developers help create quality Microsoft products at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Test Engineers Test engineers test newly developed Microsoft products. Pushing the Microsoft products to the limit, test engineers help ensure that they are of a high standard of quality and are also capable of meeting customer's expectations.
  • Program Managers Program managers oversee and work with multiple Microsoft professionals in ensuring that computing ideas gets carried out and result in a quality Microsoft products. Program managers are involved in all phases of product creation, from understanding and anticipating the needs of the customer, brainstorming ideas, creating and testing the product, and developing a marketing plan.
  • Audio Designer Audio designers produce the voice aspects, sound, audio effects, and music for Microsoft games and applications. 
  • Content Publishers Content publishers perform several tasks such as the conception, design, development, production, editing, and publishing of material for Web audiences, Microsoft games and applications, customer support, and Microsoft hard-copy literature.
  • Game Designers Game designers create and design Microsoft games, while considering such factors as user experience, aesthetics, usability, software compatibility, level of gaming difficulty, audio and visual landscape, emotional elements, and how real or "lifelike" the game appears to the game user.
  • User Experience Microsoft professionals in the user experience specialization take existing or newly developed Microsoft products and develop and facilitate interactions with computing users. By getting feedback from users, professional in the user experience specialization can help make changes for Microsoft products before they hit the market or fine-tune existing Microsoft products.

Additional Microsoft Jobs Additional jobs for lovers of Microsoft products include a build engineer, international product and localization engineer, and product planner. Also, there are many electronics stores and computer outlet chains in which an individual can sell, provide customer service, or repair Microsoft products.


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