Operations Manager 2007 R2 includes one of the best management packs for monitoring and maintaining Lync Server 2010. This management pack was developed by the product group and includes information about the product.

The Lync Server 2010 management pack monitors all the Lync Server 2010 server roles and has separate views for each of the roles to enable targeted monitoring in the console. The Lync Server 2010 management includes the following features:

. Automatic Lync topology discovery through the Central Discovery script—The Central Discovery script is a PowerShell script that runs on an automatically selected Central Discovery Watcher Node. This is the Front End pool where the Central Management Store is installed. The script automatically discovers and initiates monitoring of all Lync roles, components, and services.

. Automatic monitoring of pools—Front End and Edge pools are discovered automatically and monitored for a variety of availability, configuration, performance, and security conditions.

. Automatic alerting—The Lync Server management alerts on thousands of different conditions, enabling the administrator to immediately be aware of any potential problems in the infrastructure.

. Synthetic transactions to simulate user traffic—The management pack leverages the built-in Lync Server synthetic transaction PowerShell cmdlets.

The Microsoft Lync Server Management Pack monitors all aspects of the Microsoft Lync Server infrastructure. The management pack structures the monitoring into the services paradigm used by Lync Server. These services include
. Application Service
. Archiving Service
. Central Management Service
. Conferencing Service
. Core Service
. Edge Service
. Mediation Service
. Provisioning Service
. Registration Service
. User Service
. Web Service

On all these services, administrators can generate availability reports to ensure that the servers and systems are meeting the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) set by the organization. For each of the services, the management pack has views for
. Service alerts
. Service performance
. Service state

In addition, the OpsMgr platform monitors the Lync Server 2010 dependencies to ensure that the Lync Server 2010 infrastructure doesn’t fail due to a failure of the dependent systems such as the operating system, Active Directory, DNS, and IIS. The features of the management packs for the following major systems include

. Windows Operating System Management Pack—Monitors and alerts all the major elements of the Windows server that Lync Server 2010 runs on, including processor, memory, network, disk, and event logs. It gathers performance metrics and alerts on thresholds, and critical events.

. Active Directory Management Pack—Monitors and alerts on Active Directory key metrics such as replication latency, domain controller response times, and critical events. The management pack generates synthetic transactions to test the response time of the PDC emulator, LDAP, and other domain services.

. DNS Management Pack—Monitors and alerts on DNS servers for resolution failures and latency, and critical events.

. IIS Management Pack—Monitors and alerts on IIS services, application pools, performance, and critical events.

Source of Information : Pearson-Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Unleashed


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