Managing Notifications in Facebook

Notifications are messages from Facebook to alert you to stories or activities that involve you somehow. If a friend tags you in a note, for example, or joins your group, you’ll see a notification. Some applications you use also generate notifications concerning you automatically. You can view a brief listing of notifications by clicking the Notifications icon on the Applications bar. The icon often has a red number that pops up next to it, indicating how many notifications you have waiting to be read.

For a full-on display of all your notifications, however, you need to open the Notifications tab. Switch over to your Inbox page by clicking the Inbox link in the navigation bar; then click the Notifications tab. This tab displays notifications sent from you or received from others. From here, you can view notifications and control which ones are active.

You can also make your way to the Notifications page by clicking the Notifications icon on the Applications bar (at the very bottom of the Facebook window) and then clicking See All on the menu.

Notifications are grouped chronologically by date, so today’s notifications appear at the top of the page. Depending on the type of notification, you can click a link to read the message. You can use the check boxes on the right side of the page to control which notifications you see. For example, if you’d rather not see feed comments from applications, uncheck its check box. As you’ll quickly learn, the more applications you add to your Facebook experience, the more notifications you’ll see. You can easily stop pesky notifications from annoying applications by turning them off. Simply deselect the individual application’s check box on the Notifications page.

It’s easy to confuse notifications with requests, and with some applications, the information may appear in both formats. Notifications focus on notifying you, like a mini-news bulletin. Requests focus on inviting you to action, such as befriending someone or joining a group. Just remember, requests appear at the top of the Home page over in the right corner. Notifications appear in a shortened menu list when you click the Notifications icon on the Applications bar, or you can see them all on the Notifications page.

You can subscribe to your notifications on Facebook, turning them into an RSS feed (which stands for Really Simple Syndication, formats for web feeds of updated content) that you can read through an RSS reader (like Google Reader or Bloglines). Just click the Your Notifications link just below the notification settings and follow the instructions.

Source of Information : Sams Teach Yourself Facebook in 10 Minutes (2009)


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