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YouTube is a video sharing community. That means that YouTube users can both upload and view all sorts of video clips online, using any web browser.

As the largest video sharing community on the web, YouTube has become a repository for literally millions of movie clips, TV clips (both current and classic), music videos, and home videos. The most popular YouTube videos quickly become “viral,” getting passed around from person to person via email and linked to from other sites and from other blogs on the web. If a YouTube video is particularly interesting, you’ll see it pop up virtually everywhere, from TV’s The Daily Show to the front page of your favorite website.

Part of YouTube’s appeal is its ease of use. Finding a video is as easy as performing a keyword search; watching a video requires nothing more than the click of a Play button; and uploading a video is also pretty much a one-button operation. The YouTube site itself does all the heavy lifting in terms of technology, including file conversion, hosting, and serving. YouTube even lets you send video links to your friends and family via email, and you can host those links on your own website or blog. So whether you like to watch or like to share, YouTube gives you what you want, the way you want it. That’s why it’s been so successful.

What can you find on the YouTube site? It’s safe to say that just about any kind of video you’re interested in, YouTube has it—or something like it. Most of the videos on YouTube come from individuals, just like you and me. Many of these videos are simple home movies, of everything from birthday parties to school plays. Others are so-called video blogs (dubbedvlogs), where users talk about anything and everything that’s on their minds. Anybody with a video camera can easily upload their home movies to YouTube and make them available for the whole world to see.

Other videos on YouTube are decidedly more professional. Budding film professionals can post their work on YouTube, which essentially converts the site into a giant repository of filmmakers’ resumés. Student films, spec videos, acting and directing tryouts—they’re all there.

YouTube is also a repository for “historical” items. We’re talking old television commercials, music videos, clips from classic television shows, you name it. Want to revisit your childhood and watch an old Maypo commercial? There are several on YouTube. How about a clip of the Ronettes performing on the old Shindig! show? Or the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show? Or the opening credits to the old Astro Boy cartoon?
They’re all there, believe it or not. YouTube is a great site for nostalgia buffs, collectors, and the like.

Speaking of music videos, there is no better site on the web to find your favorite video clips. YouTube offers music videos from all manner of artists, in every conceivable genre. For record labels, YouTube is a great place to promote hot new music and bands. If you’re a music lover, you’ll love YouTube.

There’s even a lot of television shows and movies on YouTube. The site’s Shows categories features television programming from ABC, CBS, PBS, the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, TLC, Showtime, Starz, and more; the Movies category features current and classic movies. And it’s all free.

Source of Information : Sams Teach Yourself YouTube in 10 Minutes (2009)


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