The top of Magento’s store is the page header. The page header provides some important functionality to your customers. It also includes a welcome message that you can customize to give customers an unique greeting.

You can replace the Magento Demo Store logo with your company logo on the left-hand side of the page header.

On the right-hand side, there is a search bar. Customers can search for products by using keywords or searching for text used in product descriptions. As an administrator, you have the ability to configure search terms that can be used on your site. This means that if someone searches for MP3 player you can direct them to either a specific MP3 player you want to promote or the MP3 player category.

Below the welcome message are several links aimed at providing customers with additional information. They include the following:

• My Account: This link allows customers to view their order history, place product reorders, and view account information. The tab includes addresses associated with their account, lists of product reviews, and newsletter subscription management.

• My Wishlist: If customers are not ready to purchase a product they can add it to their wishlist. After products are added to the list customers can view their wishlist by clicking on the “my wishlist” link or the “my account” link in the header.

• My Cart: Customers can review, update, and delete products they have added to their shopping cart. Customers are also able to proceed to checkout from the My Cart page.

• Checkout: This link will take customers directly to the checkout process with any products they currently have in their cart.

• Login: Once they have registered, returning customers have the ability to login to the web site. Registered customers can save items to their cart and wishlist. Registering also allows for customers to sign up to receive newsletters. Once logged in, this link will change to a logout button.

Underneath the list of links, there is also a drop down menu that displays the current language of the Magento Demo Site. Magento offers flexibility by offering your eCommerce store in multiple languages without having to install multiple copies of Magento in other languages. By default, Magento includes three languages, English, French and German. If one of these languages does not suffice, you can download one of 63 additional languages from

Source Of Information : Apress - The Definitive Guide to Magento


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