Without a doubt the product page is the most important page inside of your eCommerce. Product pages allow you to communicate important information about your products to customers. Product pages contain product descriptions, pricing, and additional photos. Magento offers the following options when building your product pages:

• Product images: Magento allows you to upload multiple images of your products. Customers can also zoom in and view images larger than the provided area, assuming javascript is enabled on the customer’s computer.

• Product descriptions: There are two types of product descriptions: quick overview and product description. These sections are used to describe a product in detail and provide customers with all the information they might need to make an informed purchase.

• Product price: Magento has the ability to include standard pricing for products and specify pricing for certain customer groups. Pricing can also be set based upon product quantities to offer volume discounts.

• Additional information: This section is used for providing additional technical information that might normally be included in a quick overview or product description.

• Product tags: Product pages display tags that have been assigned to each product. Customers can navigate to other products which share the same tag.

• Product options: Magento provides you with the flexibility to give products additional options. These options are customized to product specifics and include such examples as sizes, colors, and dimensions.

• Product reviews: Customers can rate and review products on an individual basis. Administrators have the ability to edit and remove each review.

• Upsell products: Upsell products are listed under the section “you may also be interested in the following product(s).” This allows you to promote related products on each product page.

Source Of Information : Apress - The Definitive Guide to Magento


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