Another great feature that Magento includes is giving a customer the ability to compare products side by side. Not only can customers compare pricing between two items, but they can also compare other information such as product descriptions, product skus, and other customizable options. To compare items, customers must first add a product using the compare button which is found either on the category page or the product page. It’s also noteworthy again that if a customer has javascript turned off they will not be able to compare products. Once the customer has more than one item in their compare products area, they may compare products. Customers also have the ability to “print this page,” if they choose to compare products. Products must first be added to the compare list by clicking the link underneath the add to cart button. Customers must add a minium of two products to their compare items list before they can compare products.

Source Of Information : Apress - The Definitive Guide to Magento


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