VS2010 allows you to create much more advanced customizations than changing the start page or creating snippets. VS2010 has been written from the ground up for extensibility and customization.
• Screens have been rewritten in WPF and managed code.
• The IDE API has been refactored for easier use.
• The IDE API is fully documented.
• New immutable text snapshots make it easier to obtain accurate snapshot of text editor.

Many areas of the IDE can be overridden by creating a MEF component.

So, what can you customize? VS2010 allows you to customize the following areas, among other things:
• Margins and scrollbars
• Tags
• Adornments (items painted on the editor surface)
• Mouse processors
• Drop handlers
• Options
• Intellisense and debugger

Before you can perform any of these customizations, however, you will first need to download and install the Visual Studio SDK. Extensions in VS2010 make heavy use of a new technology called MEF. Before we create any customizations we need to understand a bit about MEF.


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