Stolen Facebook IDs Up for Sale

A HACKeR NAMeD Kirllos has a rare deal for anyone who wants to spam, steal, or scam on Facebook: an unprecedented number of user accounts, offered at rock-bottom prices. Researchers at VeriSign’s iDefense group recently spotted Kirllos selling Facebook usernames and passwords in an underground hacker forum, but what really caught their attention was the volume of credentials he had for sale—1.5 million accounts. iDefense doesn’t know whether Kirllos’s accounts are legitimate, and Facebook hasn’t responded to messages seeking comment. If they are legitimate, Kirllos has the account details of about one in every 300 Facebook users. The asking price varies from $25 to $45 per 1000 accounts, depending on the number of contacts each user has. To date, Kirllos seems to have sold close to 700,000 accounts, says Rick Howard, VeriSign director of cyber intelligence. The prices Kirllos is asking for are extremely cheap compared with what other crooks are charging. In its most recent Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec found that e-mail usernames and passwords typically went for between $1 to $20 per account; Kirllos wants as little as $0.025 per Facebook account. More-coveted credit card or bank account details can go for much more, ranging from $0.85 to $30 for credit card numbers and $15 to $850 for top-quality online bank accounts.

Source of Information : PC World July 2010


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