WinZip pro 14.5 adds lots of useful features to the program’s roster of tools, most notably a Microsoft office–style ribbon that puts all of the program’s options within easy reach so you can start tasks with a simple click. Ribbon haters can opt for the earlier WinZip interface. Among the software’s new features are a Zip-file previewer (for looking inside Zip files when you use Windows Explorer or Microsoft outlook) and the ability to back up files to phones and digital cameras in .zip format. Goodies specific to Windows 7 include integration with the OS’s libraries and jump lists to perform many Zip-related tasks, such as opening a Zip archive and creating a new Zip archive. WinZip pro 14.5 offers improved security for encrypted files. It will automatically destroy temporary, created for viewing copies of encrypted files, and work with Intel-based hardware that uses built-in AES encryption. In addition, it can easily zip and mail files, and extract files from .iso images. Also new to this version of WinZip pro is support for the .zipx compression standard, which compresses files more efficiently than did the previous standard (.zip). If using Zip archives isn’t part of your routine, there’s no compelling reason to buy WinZip pro 14.5; Windows does simple jobs perfectly well. But if you want a ribbon interface, higher compression ratios, better integration with Windows 7, and useful extra features, the new WinZip pro is worth buying.

Source of Information : PC World July 2010


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