Radio-Frequency Identification

RFID is a wireless radio-frequency technology that allows objects, persons, and spaces to be remotely identified using low-cost electromagnetic tags. In its simplest form, an RFID tag attached to an object can store data that can be used to identify the existence of the object or maintain other information regarding the object. The RFID technology has been in place for more than 40 years, primarily being used in a very narrow range of industrial and military applications and remaining unnoticed by the mass market. In the last several years, RFID technology has matured in many ways such as a longer signal range, faster data transfer rate, and shorter tag reading intervals. The reduced cost of RF tags has fostered mass deployment and use of this technology. The retail chain company Wal-Mart was arguably the strongest driving force behind the application of RFID technology. The company requires its top 100 suppliers to have RF tags attached to pallets and cases by 2005 following the Electronic Product Code (EPC).

Source of Information : Elsevier Wireless Networking Complete 2010


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