UWB Applications

In addition to military use of the UWB technology, many companies are working to bring UWB to industrial operations and to people’s daily lives. The application scenarios of UWB for the consumer market can be summarized as follows:

» High-speed data transfer between mobile devices in a WPAN: Given a data rate of 100 to 500 Mbps at a distance of 1 to 10 m, computers, PDAs, cell phones, and consumer electronic devices are able to exchange data much faster than via other wireless technologies. The fi rst wave of UWB products will probably target wireless home networks, where interconnection between a wide range of computing, communication, and consumer electronic devices has always been a troublesome problem.

» Cable replacement: It may be possible to link an LCD screen or a television to a computer or any other UWB-enabled electronic devices without using a video cable. The data rate may be further improved to 1 to 2.5 Gbps but only within a short distance of several meters. This would allow video streaming over a number of wireless devices, ranging from handheld mobile devices to computers and HDTVs.

» Wireless measurement in a short distance: An example of this application scenario would be measuring the oil level in a storage tank.

» Location and movement detection: Used in vehicular radar systems, UWB devices can detect the locations of fi xed or moving objects near a vehicle. Such information can be used for various applications such as collision avoidance in a parking lot.

» Inventory tracking and supply chain management: Products in a warehouse or a store can have embedded UWB RF tags containing a small amount of data, permitting any UWB readers to access such information.

Source of Information : Elsevier Wireless Networking Complete 2010


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